Help Save People By Supporting Free
Medical Camps
in Underprivileged Areas


No one deserves to die because they are born in poverty…

…and no parent deserves to see their child lose their life because they could not afford to take them to a doctor or buy medicines.

The level of helplessness is unimaginable.

             one deserves to die because they are born in poverty…

…and no parent deserves to see their child lose their life because they could not afford to take them to a doctor or buy medicines.

The level of helplessness is unimaginable.

Even today, it is common to see people lose their lives due to preventable and easily treatable diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, and malaria.

A large number of people, even those living in big cities, cannot help their loved ones against diseases. They cannot afford to visit doctors and pay for the medicines.

Our surveys show that, in most cases, these preventable and treatable diseases are making their lives miserable.

A doctor’s visit and some simple medicines can lower the mortality rate and improve their quality of life.

Due to the condemnable infrastructure and the deplorable state of the healthcare system, the underprivileged members of society have no choice but to rely solely on hope or give up entirely.

Fortunately, this is where the helping hand steps in.

At GiveCase, we are trying to make adequate healthcare accessible to everyone. (Currently, we are working in Pakistan only.)

GiveCase regularly organizes free medical camps throughout Pakistan, especially in remote areas where primary healthcare is unaffordable and often unavailable. These camps provide consultations, counseling, medicines, and basic investigations, such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, BMI, etc.

How We Work?

Before arranging a camp at a specific site, GiveCase volunteers conduct a field examination of the general conditions of the area with the help of local administration, health officials, and philanthropists.

Doing so allows us to assess what the vast majority needs most, and then the medical camps are arranged accordingly.

These experts help us decide what type of expert physicians and medicines should be at that site. These can include dermatologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, and/or general physicians. In most cases, the locals require all of them. And more.

Our camp organizers also keep a keen eye on the health conditions of underdeveloped areas with the help of print and electronic media.

Our thought process is simple: We cannot let people die because they cannot afford basic medicines.

Our Medical Camps Across Pakistan

GiveCase arranged a free medical camp with 1300 patients in the OPD (outpatient department) with free medicines as its outreach program to provide medical facilities at Gymkhana Club in Dadu, Sindh, in September, 2022. .

In September, 2022, in Faridabad, Larkana, Sindh, a free medical camp was arranged for around 1200 patients, with OPD free medicines services were provided. .

In September 2022, GiveCase arranged another free medical camp in Faridabad due to the flood. The medical emergency increased in the area. About 1500 patients were treated for OPD with free medicines.

Shikarpur was another area where a free medical camp was arranged, and about 210 patients were treated in the OPD service with free medicines.

About 250 patients were provided facilities for OPD with free medicines in Sanghar, Chak 21 and 22 in September 2022. People experiencing poverty attended these camps to get free check-ups and treatment.

This medical camp was held in flood-affected areas of Balochistan: Kalat – Kateli. About 710 patients were able to get accessible OPD facilities in October 2022

In October 2022, in Kalat – Kateli, Balochistan a veterinary medical camp was set up to help 500 animals.

A medical camp on 23rd December, ‘22 at Suraei village (Thar) focused primarily on Mother and Child Care. It helped around 420 patients.

A small medical camp at Orangi Town, Karachi, was set up. It helped more than 75 people get access to doctors and medicines for free.

This free medical camp at Bello village (Thar) on the 24th of December, 2022, helped 515 patients with check-ups and medicines.

A medical camp was held in July, 2023, near a fishermen's colony at Manora, Karachi. GiveCase helped 325 patients with free medicines and consultations. .

GiveCase held a 3-day medical camp to help more than 1300 patients in Qalat, Balochistan. The camp was active from 17 to 19 September, 2023.

A medical camp in collaboration with RLCC was held in Karachi in October, 2023. This medical camp lent primary care support to more than 250 patients.

"In November 2023, we held a free mdical camp at Goth Alamabad, Khipro District, Sindhi. About 440 patients were supported with blood test facilities, consultations, and medicines."