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Murad was born with pretty brown eyes and a vision as good as any other child’s.

At the age of 6, he contracted an eye infection. Just a small one.

He is from a small remote village in Balochistan, Pakistan, with no doctors available. Since his parents could not afford to visit a doctor in a city, they tried to treat Murad’s condition with mild home remedies.

Gradually, the little kid began losing his eyesight.

Years passed by and Murad lost his eyesight completely. 

Last month, at 22 years of age and a hafidh of the Qur’an, he finally found a sponsor for his treatment.

A beautiful ray of hope shone in his eyes.

He traveled more than 350 miles to Karachi for his first visit to the ophthalmologist.

This story does not have a happy ending though.

The ophthalmologist did a thorough examination of Murad’s eyes and said that this would have been a treatable disorder if it were addressed in earlier stages.

Now, it is incurable.

The lack of access to healthcare and the inability to pay for even the basic healthcare took away all the light from Murad’s eyes.

No one – absolutely NO ONE – deserves this.

Everyone deserves the right to basic healthcare.

This is not an unusual scenario.

As part of the medical services, we come across such cases very frequently. 

Almost every day!

According to a Lancet study, Pakistan ranks 154th out of 195 in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare.


With the ever-rising inflation, the country is suffering more than ever.


People are neglecting health to save every penny for food and education for their families.


In so many cases, due to parents’ deteriorating health conditions, their underage children are forced to work.


The conditions are often unspeakably horrible…
…leaving people helpless.

We have had cases where people had to put off surgeries because they had to provide food for their families.


Leaving them in such situations is similar to letting them die slow deaths.


Your support , this Ramadan, can bring not only relief to the sick person but also hope and comfort to the family.

You will be rewarded for every breath of relief they take. InshaAllah.

Cases That Need Urgent Help

How Can You Help And Keep Track?

These people need help with different medical issues and varying medical treatments.


Each of these cases have been verified by our team of professionals.


We have spoken to doctors and coordinated with hospitals to get estimates of the cost of their treatments.


You can support by donating to any of the above cases.

We will close the cases as they reach their goal and update the progress of the cases on our website:

In case they need more funds for further treatments, we will mention it in the updates section and re-open the case.

If any funds are left from their cases, we will add them to new cases.

GiveCase – Crowdfunding For
Those In Need Of Help

GiveCase is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform by Ek Plate Biryani – a nonprofit organization registered in Canada.


The aim is to provide medical assistance to verified cases by helping them with medicines, consultations, diagnostic tests, and treatments.


Under the banner of Ek Plate Biryani, we have done the following projects:

So far, we have served fresh ready-to-eat meals to about 1 million people

Our team regularly provides monthly food rations to white collar families discreetly

We sponsor school lunches for 170+ kids every day at two campuses of a street school in Karachi, Pakistan

We are running a skills development center to teach digital and industrial skills to the youth near a huge slum community in Karachi, Pakistan

Our team is helping install hand pumps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, for the Rohingya community; so far, we have helped 15,000+ from the Rohingya 

Across the water-deprived desert of Thar, Pakistan, we have installed 455 deep-well hand pumps

We also provide wheelchairs to the disabled underprivileged individuals

With our donors support, we provide clothing and shoes to kids in slums on regular basis

All of the above projects fall under Ek Plate Biryani. 


While working with the less fortunate people, we realized that there are people who need a lot of support for their health, and nothing matter if the person does not have health.


To offer this support, we started GiveCase.

Save A Soul; Save Humanity

At Ek Plate Biryani and GiveCase, our driving force is the hadith in which Prophet
Muhammad (ﷺ) says:

This is the motto every day.


Kindness combined with a practical approach to finding solutions to help people is

the way to make a difference in the world – one life at a time.


In the Holy Qur’an, Allah S.W.T says,

Saving lives and easing the pain of our fellows are two of the very rewarding deeds.

Abu Hurairah (RAA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

Every little support that we can offer will be written in our favor for the Day of
Judgment inshAllah.

Support The Ones In Need

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