Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, Humanity cannot survive”

(Dalai Lama)

Some of the hospitals where we
get the patients treated at.

Darkness Is Steal Their Future These 15 People Need Sight-Saving Treatments Now!

It’s possible with your generous donations. Join the cause, donate & empower humanity. 

The 21.89% poverty rate at the national poverty line in Pakistan?

Or the crumbling infrastructure or inaccessible healthcare services?

Out of the 9 million people in Pakistan suffering from vision loss, the majority are extremely poor

Life has denied their access to the facilities that you and we can afford & approach

With no access even to the basic healthcare facilities, many of them are on the verge of losing not just sight but hope

The hope to see their loved ones again

The hope to pursue their tiny dreams

Hope to lead a normal life like YOU!

Is this something too much to ask for?


Humanity Exists! Donate to Light Up Their Lives Now

Taking an appointment to see a doctor and discuss their condition is a luxury that these poor people can only dream of

With foggy eyes, a life wrapped in poverty and helplessness

These people struggle every single day to make ends meet

What do you expect from people who find it challenging to feed their families every day?

In a place where getting proper meals daily is a LIFE GOAL, submitting to life curves like BLINDNESS becomes NORMAL.

The situation worsens in the rural areas, deprived of even the very basic facilities

Thousands of stories scream about the plight of vision-impairment stricken people

Bakhtawar is one living example!


Ill-fated yet HOPEFUL to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor


Bakhtawar lived her life to the fullest for eight years straight in her tiny village


Until a reality barged in, knocking her bright eyes down


Out of nowhere, a milky veil stood like a rock in between her sparkling eyes and the world


“When will I be able to see clearly, Ammi” was the most frequently asked question that would tear her mom’s heart every time with a brand new, sharp spear


Playing with friends, studying enthusiastically, visiting the nearby playground – all now seem to be a tale of the past


Her parents, however, took her to a doctor at a medical camp held near the village. The doctor asked them to visit an ophthalmologist. She had hyperopia and needed consistent treatment. 


They could not even afford to travel to a city, let alone bear the cost of her treatment.


But Bakhtawar’s treatment is costly only for HER, not the donors who joined hands and raised funds for her.

She is currently being treated and can already see better now.

Hundreds of thousands of other such children need help to see again.

A little support from all of us can bring colors to their lives.


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Millions in Pakistan Struggle to See Because of;

Imagine a world without sight, filled with uncertainty and fear.
These are the daily realities for millions.

Together, we can change this story.
GiveCase is fighting to ensure everyone has access to the care they need to see a brighter future.

Here’s How to Help!

Contribute Your Share in Serving Humanity

A world of blurry shadows, where vibrant colors are a distant memory.

his is the daily reality for millions suffering
from treatable vision loss.

But there's hope!

GiveCase is on a mission to restore sight and brighten futures. We fight preventable blindness by providing access to life-changing surgeries and treatments.

You Can Help Light the Way!


Join us in this fight for vision! Your donations will directly
impact the lives of those in need. 


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We use your donations for;

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Diagnostic Tests

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Lenses and Glasses


Laser Treatments

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Post Op Treatments

Keep Pouring! 

We Need Your Generous Donations

Every Single Penny You Contribute Multiplies Until It’s Returned to You in a Giant

Shape on the day of judgment.

Think Ahead of Time!

Your Donations Can be Miraculous

Picture the lives of those helpless people healed and treated by your donations in the next 5 years.

  • Help them see their loved ones again
  • Facilitate them in attending school
  • Enable an individual to become independent and a breadwinner for the family
  • Help children like Ayesha fulfill their dreams with healthy eyes and clear VISION


Serving the Underprivileged

We've all been there! A loved one needs medical care, and the cost feels like a mountain you can't climb. Fear sets in, leaving you feeling helpless.

Many people still go through the same. Luckily, they are not ALONE! 

We can join hands to support them. 

We're passionate people (professionals and volunteers!) who believe everyone deserves a fighting chance. 

We fight medical hardship, hunger, and despair with the spirit of Ek Plate Biryani - a non-profit organization that has set examples already.

We raise funds for real people facing real medical problems. Verified cases, all across Pakistan. We make sure nobody has to face critical healthcare alone.


Rectangle 138
Arranged 15+ medical camps across Pakistan
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Treated 9000
Rectangle 140
Covered 20+
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Helped 50+ individual patients with surgeries and therapies

Amplify Your Impact!

Leave a Legacy of Healing

Imagine the difference you can make.

With 26 Million visually impaired patients, most of which are poor, helpless, and hopeless, Pakistan calls for help.

Will you leave humanity to suffer and continue seeing the world with foggy and dim eyes?

Leaving them in darkness is no option. 

What if they can’t afford to treat their ailing eyes? We all stand behind them.

But we can only make it possible with your generous donations.

Together, let's create a ripple effect of healing that transcends generations.

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