Your few dollars can help them see their loved ones again!
And earn you a reward as big as MOUNT UHUD on the day of Qayamah, inshaAllah

“Charitable men and women shall have their goodly loans multiplied as a noble reward"

(Al Quran, 57:18).

Hospitals we have worked with:

3.9% of the Poor,

Visually Impaired Pakistani Population is on the Verge of Vision Loss.

Donate! It’s your chance to stand out here and ever after.

Some of them dream of the old days when they would recite the Quran 

Others recall those normal days when going to school was never a challenge

And for some, watching their loved ones, their families again without that MILKY VEIL in their eyes is the ultimate wish

The painful situation doesn’t stop here. The stats are big and heart-wrenching

21 million people in Pakistan suffer from vision loss, most of them living in extreme poverty

Because they do not have ACCESS to standard treatment

A lack of funds blocks their way to recovery

It’s the shocking 6.3% unemployment rate and the 21.89% poverty rate at the national poverty line in Pakistan that overpower the chances of any improvement or hope

In a country where having three meals a day is a challenge,

expenditures like consulting a doctor and getting treatment are the LUXURIES they simply cannot afford

As a result, many who otherwise would have got their eyesight back, are pushed into darkness, helplessness, and a never-ending hopelessness

Darkness Is Steal Their Future These 15 People Need Sight-Saving Treatments Now!

The rural areas, in particular, are full of stories that would shatter any heart into a thousand pieces.

Bakhtawar’s story is one of these fateful tales

Fifteen-year-old Bakhtawar's world was a blur.

Hyperopia dimmed her bright smile and once joyful schoolwork.
Playgrounds began to hold fear, not friendship. Her dream of becoming a doctor seemed as distant as the moon.
"Why can't I see anymore, Ammi?" Bakhtawar would whisper a question that weighed heavily on her parents' hearts.
Her parents got her examined by a doctor at a medical camp in the village. only to be met with a heartbreaking truth: she needs to visit a well-equipped hospital for her treatment. Her parents could not even afford to travel to a big city, let alone bear the cost of her treatment. Bakhtawar's future hangs in the balance, waiting for a miracle.
And everything seemed to be falling apart! The total cost of her treatment was more than Bakhtawar’s poor father’s two months’ income.
With support from our donors, her treatment began. She can see better and her vision, as per the doctor, is likely to improve further.

Many children like Bakhtawar await a bright, cheerful beginning of a colorful life for them.

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Millions in Pakistan Struggle to See Because of;

It must have shaken you!
“The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion, and sympathy are just like one body. When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 6011)

O believers! A part of the Muslim Ummah Awaits you! Help them heal their
eyes, and restore their vision with your Sadaqah.


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Help Them With Your Donations  Investing in Your Akhirah!

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever gives charity equal to a date from good (halal) earnings – for Allah does not accept anything but that which is good – Allah will take it in His right hand and tend it for the one who gave it as any one of you tends his foal, until it becomes like a mountain.”

(Al-Bukhari; Muslim)

Light the Way: Help 15 People See Again In The Next Three Months

Imagine a world filled with vibrant colors, not a blurry haze. This is the future we can create for the 15 cases we have undertaken. These are the patients struggling with vision loss and a little help can change their lives forever.
Join the movement to help 15 people in 3 months inshaAllah.


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We use your donations for;

Frame (63)

Diagnostic Tests

Layer_1 (42)


Frame (66)

Lenses and Glasses


Laser Treatments

Layer_1 (43)


Layer_1 (44)


Frame (65)

Post Op Treatments

Keep Pouring! 

We Need Your Generous Donations

Every Single Penny You Contribute Multiplies Until It’s Returned to You in a Giant

Shape on the day of judgment.

Gauge The Impact of
Your Donations

Your donations might be a few dollars for you, but it will be a new life for many underprivileged, hopeless, and poor people of Pakistan.

  • Fund vision impairment cases and help them watch their loved ones

  • Read the Quran with a clear vision and earn sadqa-i-jariya

  • Enable an individual to become independent and a breadwinner for the family

  • Help children like Ayesha fulfill their dreams with healthy eyes and clear VISION

GiveCase: Standing Like a Rock for

the Deserving Ummah

Fear and helplessness grip you when a loved one desperately needs medical care, but the cost feels like an insurmountable mountain.

Givecase understands! 

GiveCase is a project of Ek Plate Biryani.

We are a team of professionals and volunteers working to help those facing medical hardship, hunger, and despair. 

GiveCase raises funds for verified medical cases across Pakistan, reaching those who can't afford critical healthcare.

Let’s Join Hands for Allah’s


The chance to help the deserving ones should never be missed! Those “wrapped in darkness” eyes await you.

Pakistan is ranked 3rd as the country with the highest proportion of visually impaired people. As a matter of fact, the majority of these patients are extremely poor, with no access to healthcare facilities.

GiveCase is striving to treat these visually impaired patients with your donations. Who better than a Muslim can understand their misery? REMEMBER! That’s not just help but your deposit in the Bank of Akhirah.

“And whoever performs a good deed, We shall enhance its goodness for him. Indeed, Allah is all-forgiving, all-appreciative.”

Surah Al-Shūrā (42:23):

Join the GiveCases’s cause today to make a difference.