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The pain of a mother who loses her child, knowing she could have saved her is unimaginable…

Every day, thousands of parents lose their children due to common curable diseases such as diarrhea, fever, and minor injuries.

Their only fault is poverty.

They cannot afford to get consultations and medicines, and these minor diseases become deadly for these children.

According to surveys in the slums in Karachi, many people do not earn more than $50/month.

Gulzar’s case might help you see how things look like for them:

Gulzar lived with his 3 sons and a wife in a slum colony near Malir Nadi

His youngest son was only 8 months old when he contracted fever

Support 10 Patients:

Help bring doctors, treatments, and medicines to 10 patients by donating $100.

Support 25 Patients:

Support free consultations, treatments, and medicines for 25 patients by donating $250.

Support 50 Patients:

Donate $500 to provide free medical treatments, consultations, and medicines to 50 patients.

The family ignored the fever and believed it will go away in a few days

They didn’t have enough resources and considered it extravagance to take the child to a doctor

Gulzar had 4 other mouths to feed after all

After about 10 days, his wife noticed that the child was not responding to or recognizing the mother

Things got worse when the boy had seizures

They were alarmed

Gulzar had to borrow some money from an acquaintance on interest

They took him to the doctor where the doctor broke the news that the child had meningitis – his brain and spinal cord tissues were damaged

The couple lost the child soon afterwards

Gulzar’s story was devastating in many ways.

The child could have been saved – not just from death, but also from the pain he suffered – only if his family had enough money to take him to a doctor earlier.

There are many people like Gulzar out there.

They have to choose between putting food on the table or getting medical treatments.

Severe financial constraints make them put health on a backseat and worry about food first.

They are helpless against fate.

They need support.

A little helping hand… to save their loved ones.

What’s Needed?

It is natural to try to think of solutions for such cases. It is also natural that no one can knock doors to ask about the health of the families living below the poverty line. For us, it is not. Neither is it for them.

They need access to:

Free Medical Camps In Slums & Other
Impoverished Areas

Free medical camps serve as temporary as well as long-term solutions. For those who cannot afford medical help, these camps help:

They need access to:

Our Medical Camps So Far:

Dadu, Sindh in September, 2022. 1300 patients.

Larkana, Sindh in September, 2022. 1200 patients.

Second camp at Larkana, Sindh in September, 2022.
1500 patients.

Chak 21 and 22, Sanghar, Sindh in September 2022.
250 patients.

Shikarpur, Sindh in October, 2022.
210 patients.

Kalat-Kateli, Balochistan in October, 2022.
710 patients.

Veterinary camp at Kalat-Kateli, Balochistan in October, 2022.
500 animals.

Suraei village, Thar, Sindh in December, 2022.
420 patients.

Bello village, Thar, Sindh in December, 2022.
515 patients.

Orangi Town, Karachi in May, 2023
75 patients.

Manora, Karachi in July, 2023.
325 patients.

Kalat, Balochistan in September, 2023.
1320 patients.

Goth Alamabad, Sanghar in November, 2023
440 patients.

Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi in October, 2023
258 patients

What The Beneficiaries Say:

Who Are We?

GiveCase is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform by Ek Plate Biryani – a nonprofit organization registered in Canada.

The aim is to provide medical assistance to verified cases by helping them with medicines, consultations, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

Under the banner of Ek Plate Biryani, we have done the following projects:

Asset 17

So far, we have served fresh ready-to-eat meals to about 1 million people

Asset 18

Our team regularly provides monthly food rations to white collar families discreetly

Asset 21

We sponsor school lunches for 170+ kids every day at two campuses of a street school in Karachi, Pakistan

Asset 22

We are running a skills development center to teach digital and industrial skills to the youth near a huge slum community in Karachi, Pakistan

Asset 20

Our team is helping install hand pumps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, for the Rohingya community; so far, we have helped 15,000+ from the Rohingya 

Asset 23

With our donors support, we provide clothing and shoes to kids in slums on regular basis

Med Camp (1)

We also provide wheelchairs to the disabled underprivileged individuals

Asset 19

Across the water-deprived desert of Thar, Pakistan, we have installed 455 deep-well hand pumps

All of the above projects fall under Ek Plate Biryani. 

While working with the less fortunate people, we realized that there are people who need a lot of support for their health, and nothing matter if the person does not have health.

To offer this support, we started GiveCase.

What Our Supporters Believe:

I chose to donate "GiveCase by Ek Plate Biryani” as I believe everyone deserves happiness no matter what, every individual deserves peace and healthy life.

Every donation I do today or tomorrow will definitely bring me one step closer to a world of peace and equality. I believe my generosity can change someone's life. 🙂

Farah Naz

Save A Life Today

No one can enjoy food or even weather when they are sick. Children who are sick cannot perform well in school; and when adults are sick, they often cannot support their children’s education.

Health is one of the most important blessings in life.

The aim of these medical camps is to allow everyone access to healthcare – regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Everyone deserves a right to health.

Your support can change their lives, improve their
quality of lives, and help bring peace and
happiness to a household.

Support 10 Patients:

Help bring doctors, treatments, and medicines to 10 patients by donating $100.

Support 25 Patients:

Support free consultations, treatments, and medicines for 25 patients by donating $250.

Support 50 Patients:

Donate $500 to provide free medical treatments, consultations, and medicines to 50 patients.

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GiveCase is a nonprofit platform by Ek Plate Biryani. This platform is dedicated to raising funds for medical treatments of verified cases.