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  • Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

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The Boy with Muffled Speech and Slashed Lip!
An Untold Story, An 18- Year Long Misery

Imagine a life filled with silence and struggle. Urs dreams of a simple joy - a confident smile without 
pain. Your donation can make that dream a reality


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Eighteen miserable years. That's all Urs has known!

A deformed smile, words that tumbled out jumbled and unclear

A dull throb instead of a bright, full smile, affecting his confidence and social life

18 years ago, he happened to be one of those 150,000 to 250,000 babies born with a cleft lip

Children wouldn't play with him, calling him a monster

He has suffered a lot

In all this chaos, there is some hope

A chance, they say, a surgery can help him eat, breathe, and smile like all of us

Let's help him get this chance… 

…at a normal life

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One Child Every Three Minutes!
Cleft Lip: A Misery You Must Know About

Imagine a tiny, incomplete smile!

Clefts, affecting 1 in 500 babies worldwide, happen when facial structures like the lip or roof of the mouth (palate) don't fuse properly during development. 

This can make eating, speaking, and even breathing difficult.

And, the affected self-esteem makes everything worse. 

But surgery can rewrite their story! Donate today and give a child the chance to eat with ease, speak clearly,
and finally smile with confidence.


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GiveCase by
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Frequently Asked Questions

1What can we expect if Urs doesn't get surgery?
Cleft lip surgery is critical for Urs's well-being. Without it, he may face challenges like:
  • Difficulty eating and getting proper nutrition
  • Speech impediments and trouble communicating clearly
  • Dental problems and frequent infections Social isolation, and emotional distress due to his appearance
2Is cleft lip surgery safe?
Cleft lip surgery is a common and well-established procedure. Success rates are very high, and complications are rare. GiveCase will ensure Urs receives care from qualified medical professionals at a reputable healthcare facility.
3Can I donate items or supplies instead of money?
Currently, monetary donations are the most effective way to support Urs's surgery. This allows GiveCase to allocate funds directly to his medical needs, medications, and aftercare.