Bed-ridden, searching for support, asking for help- It kills!
You’ll never understand their helplessness until you walk in their shoes
The shoes they haven’t walked in since long

Have you ever seen a 10-month-old infant? 

His house beams with joy

Happy shrieks and screams

Everyone’s overjoyed… 

Because he just took his first step

For the family, a milestone was achieved

Using your legs to walk, run, and climb the life’s ladder is a big deal

And people truly understand what it means when – God forbid – a walking disability enters the scene

Things get even worse for those living below the poverty line… 

Those who do not have enough resources to feed themselves three times a day, a wheelchair is an unaffordable dream

Together we can turn this small dream into reality and give them the chance to be independent

Let’s Give Them A Hand

It’s not just a wheelchair but their ticket to independence, freedom, & mobility

Cerebral palsy, accidents, arthritis, conflict,
polio, musculoskeletal disorders, limb
amputations, and some genetic disorders have
got them restricted to ground

Their world is just a few inches tall, and their helplessness as tall as the Himalayas

Many of them have already left the world in despair, without seeing the world from the same height as I or you see

But, there’s still hope

GiveCase is determined to save many by gifting them mobility in the form of a wheelchair

You can fuel someone’s stagnant life

You can contribute to their journey towards school, career, and a normal life

How it Works

Layer_1 (34)

Our volunteers search for verified cases

Layer_1 (35)

We study each case with healthcare professionals

Layer_1 (36)

Together, we estimate the probability of improvement


We do a comprehensive market survey for wheelchair cost

Layer_1 (37)

We raise funds and cater to the cases in urgent need first

GiveCase Activities

GiveCase is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to making healthcare accessible to people in Pakistan. We are helping people with medicines, diagnostic tests, physical therapies, surgeries, health related awareness sessions, and wheelchairs.

We set up medical camps frequently in remote areas where healthcare is not readily available.